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Posted on: April 1, 2010 9:58 am

Colorado should pursue Belotti

As you all have heard by now, Mike Belotti has stepped down from his position as Athletic Director for Oregon. The initial story said that he resigned to become a college football analyst for ESPN, however there are new reports saying the President of Oregon may have wanted him out which might more explain his $2.3 million paycheck he just received. He is going to ESPN, that part is true for sure.

That brings me to my suggestion, if Colorado has another bad year which looks pretty likely, then we all know CU Athletic Director Mike Bohn would have his termination papers for Dan Hawkins already filled out. Why not go after Belotti in that case? There's plenty of reasons he would be a good choice.
-He knows how to recruit on the West Coast, CU gets most of it's top recruits from California.
-He knows how to build a winner and maintain that level year in and year out, something Colorado has lacked since the McCartney days.
-The Buffs are one of the top targets for PAC 10 expansion if that ends up happening so he'd be back in the same conference he knows so well.
    I could go on forever. The point is Colorado needs a change. Players don't want to go there when the head coach is on the hot seat year in and year out, they want to play for a coach they know will be there. Why do you think Urban Meyer is so successful? Why was Pete Carroll so good for so many years?? Because players want to play for an established coach who knows the X'S and O'S.

Mike Bohn, if you're listening, go after Belotti and CU will return to it's glory days of the late 80's and early 90's. If you stick with Hawkins, the Buffs may improve but will never challenge the elite programs in this country. Belotti or Bust!!!!

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