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Posted on: April 13, 2009 3:18 pm

Avalanche rid themselves of Giguere

 As an unknown sports writer, I don't follow hockey all too much. I am a hometown type of guy following all local teams. I have kept up with where we are in the standings and always try to catch a game or two. Now it may be easier.

The Avalanche today fired General Manager Francois Giguere today after a terrible season finishing in last for the first time since the Avs arrived in '95. If your a generalist you might say so what, one year at the bottom, who cares? Denver, and the state of Colorado do. For the better part of a decade the Avs were expected to come up with a division title and anything less seemed unacceptable. The last few years have gotten away from the Avs, they have missed the playoffs twice in 3 years. Not acceptable from a city and town that demands excellence from their local hockey club.

There was a time when the Avs sold out every game and challenged for the Stanley Cup every year. Those days have long since faded and Pierre Lacroix finally realized that and parted ways with his GM of 3 years. Pierre is a busy guy, having a foot in with not only the Avalanche, but the Colorado Rapids of the MLS, the St. Louis Rams of the NFL and the Arsenal of the Premier Euro Soccer League. He's got plenty on his plate, but I think I speak for everyone in Colorado when I, scratch that, "we" say thank you for finally showing some interest in your hockey team.

It may be a long climb back to the powerhouse status we are all accustomed to, but this is to say the least, a positive step in the right direction.

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