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Posted on: January 20, 2009 11:53 am

Farewell President Bush, Welcome Barack Obama

Thank you President Bush, and farewell.

Lets remember him for standing up in the face of courage when he had absolutely no support. Yes the man made a lot of mistakes but so do you and I on a daily basis. Ours just don't effect the entire free world.

He was faced with tough challenges, 9/11 happened only 9 months into his first year as President. Not to mention hurricane Katrina. He had a lot of tough issues to deal with. It also takes A LOT of courage to be President of the United States, and to any man or women that is up to that challenge, some respect has to be given. Would you want to be in charge of the fate of millions of people, millions of people that are ready to lynch you after one mishap.

I myself was never a Bush fan, not too many are. But at least he had the courage and strength to stand up for YOU and I. As much as you disagree with anyting he did, he did it in the best interest of the American people. Mostly.

Now lets welcome in CHANGE, and Barack Obama. He is an international Icon and hopefully he can restore many of our lost relationships throughout the world. It's amazing that we are living to see the first African-American President in history. Did you think it would happen?? It's incredible and amazing. He has a strong mind and great character and is respected throughout much of the world. Can you think of a better person to take on the challenge of repairing a nation that was once seen as the greatest in the world? I can't.

CHANGE IS HERE. Let us welcome it.

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